Brochure in progress generated for 12 Pesos Films who is having a campaign
to raise funds in order to complete a documentary of Catholic Beliefs based
primarily on a religious figure, the Virgin Mary.

Jenny Holzer’s 253 Truisms
June 16–September 1, 2010
Reception: June 19 • 7:30 p.m.
This poster was designed by Esau Marquez
and printed on Potlatch McCoy 80 lb. cover Silk.
For information on Potlatch McCoy Papers, please visit www.potlatch

The statement on this poster is one of 253 “Truisms” created by artist Jenny Holzer,
who gained international notoriety through her series of thought-provoking one-liners
displayed anonymously throughout New York City. This exhibit is both a survey and celebration
of her entire catalog of work.

Project Description: Corporate Identity System for retail operation handout.
This is a tradeshow distribution handout promoting
the avaialbility to advertise witihn the company for greater exposure.


Pamphlet marketing art exhibit at Getty Museum - A Century of Seating Gallery.
This was a leave-behind pamphlet promoting the exhibit.


Color Exhibit Brochure for MoMA Exhibit introducing Tim Burton - Brochure was to be distributed at the
Gallery as a memorandum for the remainder of the exhibit.


Typographic Design - used for marketing materials.
DVD Cover and Promotional Poster


Part 2 - Typogrpahic Design






Working with type - Art made with Scriptina Font and Glyphs