Aime Jean is a well known female impersonator living in El Limon, Jalisco, Mexico. Aime Jean started her professional career back in 2009 traveling around the states of Mexico including the United States of America. Aime Jean also won first price in a video parody competition promoted by Ritmoson Latino, which was in honor of Shakira's video Loba (She-Wolf). As an all expenses paid winner, Aime Jean flew to Berlin to meet Shakira in person. Aime has become the sensation in her hometown followed by many fans around the country. Aime has also appeared in Madonna's personal fan page and other popular latin sites. As AIme's career grows she was part of a film documentary by 10 Pesos Films, who won the international award for "Personality of the Year" in Oaxaca's Int'l film festival. Aime Jean says that shes at the begining of her careers and looking forward to what the future holds. You can follow Aime Jean on facebook and youtube for further information. There is much more to say about Aime Jean; however, I will let your inquisioton wonder and welcome you to visit som eof the links posted on my site.